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Game changers: Betterific’s story and why you need to use it

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Here’s what Betterific is: It’s a social platform that allows you to share your ideas with the community, get feedback on those ideas and communicate them to companies and brands who you want to listen. It’s so much fun to use, and it’s revolutionary. With all the emphasis on crowdsourcing today, it’s no surprise that we would eventually get there with ideas. If you can’t get your voice heard by anyone, you may as well have never had the idea. Betterific gives your ideas a sounding board. You get heard, you get feedback and you get exposure. Our vision for Betterific is that it will give our users a direct line of communication to the people who have the ability to make the ideas they hear a reality. We’ve got a few companies already partnering with us and we have regular contests with prizes for those with the best ideas. With our first post we want to present you with just a little history on who we are and why we are so excited to be making things better through crowdsourcing innovation.

So who is behind the Betterific vision anyway?  It’s a dynamic trio to say the least. Micha Weinblatt, Jonathan Schilit and Brad Cater (who previously founded Crooked MonkeyWaveborn and Snaptalent, respectively) are the innovators behind Betterific. Micha and Jonathan grew up in the same neighborhood, have been friends since grade school, and they both attended the University of Maryland together.  It goes without saying that they both share the entrepreneurial spirit too. Like any good company, the concept for Betterific arose from a simple problem and an “ah-ha” moment.

So let me ask you…Have you ever taken fresh sheets out of the dryer, gone to put them on your bed only to become increasingly frustrated because you keep putting the short side of the sheet on the long side of the bed? Isn’t it insane just how much time you can waste on such a simple task? Micha was doing just this one day when the thought struck…”Wouldn’t it be better if fitted bed sheets had length and width indicators so they’d be easy to put on the mattress?” We all have moments like this. A light-bulb goes off, a great idea is born…. but what next? Surely someone could take that idea and put it into action, right? If only there were a better, more engaging way to communicate such simple but provocative ideas to companies that already make those products rather than the old and unfriendly “contact us” form on a cold corporate web page…

Micha and Jonathan had a pretty good feeling that a social wesbite could do the job so they enlisted the help of Brad (a friend of a friend with website coding experience) to round out the team. It would need to be different from facebook and twitter since innovation requires a more collaborative environment. If people had an open space where they could submit ideas and vote on how to make their favorite products and brands better, a sort of digital suggestion box, they could create the best platform necessary for true innovation.  At the same time they could revolutionize how companies source their product and services ideas while allowing them to build better customer relationships. They submitted the idea for Betterific to the 2012 Dreamit Ventures program in Philadelphia and were accepted. The trio moved to Philly for three months and began the intensive process of building Betterific.

Here we are almost a year later and our members have embraced Betterific, submitting thousands of ideas, suggestions, and feedback on hundreds of products and ideas. We are inspired by this fact which is why we are working hard to make the Betterific site more user friendly. With this blog we will be providing information on what our team is up to as well as upcoming campaigns. Thus far, Betterific has done several amazing campaigns with ConAgra Foods and the Washington Nationals brands. We’ve got a few more in the pipeline and we hope we can announce them to all of you very soon! In the meantime, we encourage our users to keep posting all their fantastic ideas and share Betterific with their friends! We want more fantastic innovators to join our site!

Keep tuning in to our blog for updates on the best ideas we’re seeing on Betterific, interviews with the winners of our campaigns, and other news on crowdsourcing innovation. And of course, if you haven’t done so already, please go to and sign up! You need to use Betterific because the more ideas there are, the better the site gets. The more ideas that get communicated  the bigger the impact we can have on the world around us. Be a game changer!

Written by Gwen Gurley

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