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Betterific Travel Contest Winner – Meet Meia Geddes

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One of our winner's betterifs from the Travel Site Contest

One of our winner’s betterifs from the Travel Site Contest

Did you ever wonder how travel sites could be made better? After just booking a trip to China I think I have about a dozen ideas floating around in my head that would vastly improve that experience. And so have many of our Betterific members. Every month or so we have sponsored campaigns on Betterific to give our members a specific topic to post ideas about with the chance to win a fantastic prize. A few months ago we had a campaign done in partnership with Spark Experience that was sponsored by an anonymous company looking to enter the travel space. For our Travel Site Contest we sent out an email to our member base asking them to brainstorm and post ideas on how to improve travel sites.

Here are a few examples of some of my favorite Betterifs from this campaign:

An example of a high ranking betterif on



A travel site contest betterif posted on

The campaign ran for two weeks with a grand total of 217 Betterifs posted by members. As an incentive, the contest offered a $500 voucher to travel anywhere in the continental US. Our winner, Meia Geddes, is a dedicated Betterific member with 120 (and counting) Betterifs of her own.

Below is an annotated interview with our illustrious contest winner!

GG: Tell me a little bit about how you got started using Betterific.

MG: I began using Betterific around May 2013, and ever since, I’ve felt like I’m missing out if I don’t go on Betterific every week or so to see the list of “Recent” ideas posted. I tend to like trying different online platforms, but often abandon them—for taking up too much psychological space, creating too much noise, lacking meaning, and so on—yet there’s nothing like the experience of discovering or creating a new idea, and I think that’s why I keep returning to Betterific.

GG: For the travel website campaign that you won, you were selected as the winner based on the overall quality of all your travel related ideas. Are you passionate about travel? Which of your ideas did you like the best? Can you elaborate a little bit on that idea?

MG: I’m very passionate about travel, and am privileged to have had the chance to travel quite a bit, especially with family located in different geographical regions. I think my favorite idea for the Travel Contest was, “Wouldn’t it be better if there was a travel website that, after you completed booking a destination, compiled and suggested geography-specific literature based on ratings from Goodreads or Amazon, for where you were going.” This was a really specific idea, but I liked its cross-disciplinary nature. I get excited about ideas that involve an intersection between two seemingly disparate realms. I guess I would argue that experiencing a landscape through literature enriches one’s lived experience of that space and that all travelers should consider reading texts that involve the places they are traveling to.

GG: What was the prize? Have you used it? Are you happy you won?!

MG: The prize was a roundtrip ticket for up to $500 to travel anywhere in the Continental U.S. and I’ve used it for a ticket between the East Coast and Seattle, WA, to travel to my cousin’s wedding this March. I was thrilled to have won!

GG: Why do you like using Betterific?

MG: I love ideas. I view Betterific as an inherently optimistic, future-oriented site. Its very existence has made me think more particularly about different problems I encounter in daily life and how they might be solved. After coming up with an idea, I always Google it to see if it’s already been implemented—more often than not, it has been, and I feel this tremendous surge of pride for human innovation (and a bit of a let down that I wasn’t the one to come up with the idea in the first place!).

GG: What “betterif” could you give us right now off the top of your head?

MG: Given that Google has Science Fair Contests for students ages 13-18, I might suggest something like “Wouldn’t it be better if Google offered prose and poetry contests to students under age 18.”  Maybe a “Best Websites Contest” (most innovative, best graphics, etc.) could be fun as well.

Thank you Meia for being such a wonderful Betterific user!

Written by Gwen Gurley

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