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ConAgra Frozen Foods Betterific Campaign Winners Announced

In January 2014, ConAgra returned to Betterific to run another campaign, this time to source ideas for marketing and product development for their frozen foods brands. An email was sent to our member base announcing the campaign, which ran the last two weeks of January.

For this campaign 125 ideas were submitted, 25 comments were written, the campaign page received 798 views and 43% of all ideas were shared to Facebook and Twitter. Betterific members’ suggestions revealed trends in consumers’ thoughts regarding packaging improvements, packaging marketing, promotions and new product development. All those who left feedback and suggestions for ConAgra’s frozen foods brands were automatically entered for the chance to win the grand prize $500 shopping spree and any runners-up would receive vouchers to purchase their favorite ConAgra frozen foods. Again, we were very pleased to see our member base respond so positively to the campaign and leave such wonderful ideas to make frozen foods better.

Our top prize winner for this campaign was Ken Griggs (32 lifetime betterifs). Here’s our favorite idea from Ken:

Wouldn't it be better if froze foods had "tell-tale" labels on them that would change color if the package had ever been thawed. That way you would know if the food had ever been left out and gone bad, then refrozen.

Our runner-up winners were Dan Pick (111 lifetime betterifs), Rajesh Nerliker (41 lifetime betterifs), Paul Benjou (8 lifetime betterifs), Grace Lo Porto (8 lifetime betterifs), Kimberly W. (32 lifetime betterifs), Jenniffer Eads (6 lifetime betterifs), Metro Power Yoga (221 lifetime betterifs), Luc Michaud (31 lifetime betterifs), and Meia Geddes (136 liftetime betterifs). Thank you once more to all of our wonderful Betterific members who contributed ideas. We truly appreciate their willingness to share their thoughts and contribute to making things better. Here is a highlight of some of our runner-up winners’ ideas. Happy innovating!

Dan Pick

Grace Lo Porto

Jenniffer Eads

Kimberly W.

Meia Geddes

Paul Benjou

Written by Gwen Gurley

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Betterific Co-Founder Jonathan Schilit gets write up on Huffington Post

Here we go again! Betterific is all about crowdsourcing…and we love spreading the word! Kudos to Betterific co-founder Jonathan Schilit for his blog post on crowdsourcing in the Huffington Post! Click on the image to see the full article.

Crowdsourcing Goes Further Than You'd Think

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Betterific talks with WizardsXtra on Crowdsourcing for a Better Fan Experience


We’re excited to say that the Wizards Fan Experience Campaign on Betterific is going strong! As of this morning we have 91 ideas submitted! So far this campaign has also had a lot of traffic (over 600 views of our Wizards Campaign page). But we want more ideas! If you haven’t submitted an idea yet do it now! The campaign ends at midnight on Friday, March 28th! If you want a chance to win free tickets to a game and get to talk directly with the marketing team of the Wizards about your ideas then go now and submit your ideas, suggestions, feedback and comments! So far, we’ve really enjoyed seeing the wide variety of ideas that people have had and the comments being left by everyone.

To help raise awareness of the campaign, CEO and co-founder of Betterific, Micha Weinblatt, talked with the folks over at WizardsXtra about the campaign. WizardsXtra is the only Wizards radio show on the Ball Hogs Radio Network. We really enjoyed talking with Adam Bradley, Phil Parker-Walker, and Jammal Matthews and we loved hearing some of their ideas about how they would make the Wizards fan experience better. Listen to the interview here: Wizards Betterific Fan Campaign.

And just to show you what sort of ideas we’re seeing out there at this point, here are just a few of our favorites thus far:

Phillip Gary

Brad Cater

JefferiNick Castillo

Joshua Gilstein

Happy innovating!

Written by Gwen Gurley

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Starbucks’ Crowdsourcing Success

The home screen of the My Starbucks Idea webpage

As promised, we’re going to take a closer look at how the crowdsourcing side of social media marketing can be successfully utilized by examining the runaway victory of Starbucks’ own platform for innovation and customer feedback, My Starbucks Idea. Starbuck’s initiated its corowdsourcing platform in March 2008, garnering it a position as one of the first corporate adopters of social media engagement. In its first year it generated over 70,000 ideas directly from consumers, and now that six years have passed the site has truly impressive stats: just over 190,000 ideas submitted, approximately 300 of which have been implemented by Starbucks.

One might say that’s a pretty low conversion rate of ideas into actions, however, in the end it’s not just about the ideas or how actionable they are. Here’s a list of just a few of the benefits that Starbuck’s is receiving from crowdsourcing:

Free Ideas. Obviously, Starbucks has received ideas for free from customers regarding exactly what they want. These ideas and the fact that even a mere portion of them are implemented by the company provide Starbucks with a huge amount of 1) customer loyalty (“Starbucks listens to me!”) and 2) an edge over its competition, especially as regards a comprehensive rewards program for consumers. Interestingly enough, the Starbucks platform is open to the public so anyone can view the ideas, including the competition. But in the end, it’s Starbucks that gets the most benefit because they were the ones who asked and its their customers who are posting the ideas.

Direct Customer Interactions. The My Starbucks Idea platform allows users to interact with each other, vote for ideas, and comment. Through the site, Starbucks gets a direct line into those interactions, allowing them to see what ideas are really taking off and what concerns they should be addressing first to help improve their customers’ experiences. However, it’s not only customers who are posting on the site. Employees of the stores and of the corporate side are posting as well. It’s easy to see that the platform garners attention from people on all sides of the equation, which is a truly important element when considering the value of engagement and loyalty. We might even go so far as to say that it helps Starbucks fight the “cold corporate facade” that so many companies suffer from by creating a community of engaged users.

Validation. One of the first ideas that was implemented from the Starbucks platform was based on the suggestion of a user who wanted the ability to pay with his mobile phone at the Starbucks drive-thru. This idea, in all likelihood, had probably already been discussed a number of times by various executives. Once the idea was posted on the site, people started voting for it and leaving comments encouraging the adoption of the idea, Starbucks no longer had a reason to put off the investments needed for the technology to implement this idea.

Human Collaboration. The fact is, people like to be involved and nothing is more annoying than when a company makes numerous changes involving things that nobody cares about. Your customers and employees are strictly speaking, despite the cliche’, your very best asset. In any service industry, you should be listening to the people you serve and to those who are serving them for you. A company is still just a group of people trying to work together, and in order to do that effectively you need as much human collaboration as possible. The My Starbucks Idea site has brought in ideas from Starbucks baristas, letting the company know about small but important things they want to see changed. This of course leads to happier individuals who represent your company, which in turn leads to happier end customers.

There are of course other considerations that companies need to consider when undertaking a crowdsourcing campaign for any length of time. If you’re going to ask for ideas you need to have a plan regarding how you will separate out the most valuable ones and how you might implement them. This is where the learning curve with crowdsourcing really comes in, requiring a fair amount of work from numerous individuals inside a company. Starbucks made the commitment to crowdsourcing and they’ve had great success with it. Of course, we all want to know more about how Starbucks has handled issues like idea selection and implementation. But stay tuned for a future blog post in which we will delve into some of those issues and how different companies are handling them. Happy innovating!

Starbucks Wow

Written by Gwen Gurley

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ConAgra Foods’ Reddi-wip Betterific Campaign Winners Announced

About three months ago, ConAgra Foods signed up with Betterific to run a campaign on the site to source new inspirations on their well-known Reddi-wip products. We sent out an email to Betterific members informing them of the contest, which ran for two weeks in December 2013.

250 idea were submitted, 707 total comments were written and 40% of all ideas were shared to facebook and twitter. The ideas that were submitted revealed themes and trends having to do with creative marketing, packaging, partnerships, new product developments and social media.  Those who posted the most inspired ideas would have the opportunity to win a $500 shopping spree grand prize and runner-up winners would receive Reddi-wip for a year. We are happy to say that our Betterific members delivered some really wonderful ideas, much to the delight of ConAgra Foods (who returned to Betterific to run another campaign on their frozen foods brands).

Our top prize winner was Meia Geddes, who was also the grand prize winner of our travel site campaign (Look out! She’s on a roll!). Of the ten ideas that Meia posted for this particular campaign one of our favorites was this:


Our runner up winners for the campaign were David McGuigan, Richard Hostler, Matt Kane, Ari Polsky, Metro Power Yoga, Frank Seay, and Luc Michaud. We greatly appreciate our dedicated and fantastic Betterific members and we thank them for contributing such high-quality ideas to the campaign. Here are a few of their notable ideas:


Richard Hostler

Matt Kane

Ari Polsky

Metro Power Yoga

Frank Seay

Luc Michaud

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Betterific Teams with the Washington Wizards to Crowdsource Innovative Fan Experience

We are happy to announce that Betterific and the Washington Wizards have come together to find the next big idea to help improve the fan experience. We can’t wait to see what ideas all of our amazing members will come up with. So, if you’re a fan, post your ideas now! The contest runs until next Friday, March 28th at midnight and 5 winners will receive two tickets to a Wizards game. Just be sure to add the tag “Washington Wizards” to your idea in order for it to be considered in the contest. Winners will also get the chance to speak directly with the Wizards marketing team about their ideas. Now how do you like that for a direct line to the ear of the upper ups?

We’re also super excited about this campaign because we got some press for it!  Check out this write up by Billy Mitchell from In The Capital!


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Weekly Top Ten – Awesome Ideas for Everyone

Here is the list of our top ten ideas from this past week. We’ve got fantastic ideas for Kindle and Nook, Fox Sports, SNL, Colgate, Google Maps and even Amtrak. Do you find these ideas inspiring? Join us to share your own ideas and give feedback on others. Happy innovating!




Jared Levine


Lester Mata