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The Oscars 2014 – A crowdsourced perspective

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After the Super Bowl, the Oscars are the most watched event in American television. And as you might expect, companies pay millions of dollars for 30 second commercial spots in order to reach the Oscar watching audience. It’s surprising then that the format of the watching experience for the Oscars has changed hardly at all in its 86 year history. So has anyone ever thought of suggestions or ideas that might improve the Oscar watching experience?

Before we go down that road, let’s take a step back and look at the broader picture of why we’d ask that question. The Oscars are a celebration of the most accomplished and acclaimed artists of our modern world. People love seeing and sharing movies together. They love the stories, the music, the characters and the places that film brings to life. Cinema is an incredible artistic medium that reaches millions of people each year. Who could have ever dreamed that art could reach so many people and affect them so much? So in my mind at least, the Oscars carry a great deal of importance in our modern society, which may be why so many people tune in and root so enthusiastically for their favorite movie, actor, soundtrack, or screenwriter.

Art is the domain of the public. It serves to remind of us of who we are, where we come from and what we wish to accomplish as a society. It reminds of us of the beautiful and the terrible sides of our day to day lives. And of course, movies are also just a lot of fun to experience. So, if everyone has the ability to appreciate the various forms of art that are accomplished through film, along with the various cultures and stories that are expressed through this medium, why can’t we have more involvement in it’s celebration through things like the Oscars? The following Oscars themed betterifs got us thinking about ways in which the Academy Awards can be made into a more interactive experience, playing off the fact that the experience of movie watching is a shared experience.

Wouldn't it be better if while watching the oscars you could queue up films you want to see to your DVR, to iTunes, or to your local Redbox with just a tap?

Wouldn't it be better if when Amazon promotes movies as Prime Membership available that they are actually free to watch if you pay to be a prime member. Some of this months Oscars prime movies are not free to watch, like Glory and Ghandi.

Wouldn't it be better if there was a pie chart of viewer's choices for each award-- just the % for each nominee. Not something that would take up a lot of the screen, but it would be interesting to see how many people picked the actual winner!

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned at Betterific, it is the fact that people like to be involved in the process of making things better, more useful and more meaningful through leaving us feedback and ideas. A crowdsourced, democratic platform for sharing ideas is the best way to improve upon what is already out there (or isn’t out there for that matter) and for something like movies, which are so widely shared and admired you would expect a lot more engagement with people when its time to celebrate the best films of the year.  We’d like to see something along the lines of what the above betterifs have suggested implemented in the Oscar viewing experience. We hope that once you’ve watched the Oscars this coming Sunday, you’ll let us know what innovative suggestions, feedback and ideas you have for making the Oscars better next year at Betterific.

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