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ConAgra Foods’ Reddi-wip Betterific Campaign Winners Announced

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About three months ago, ConAgra Foods signed up with Betterific to run a campaign on the site to source new inspirations on their well-known Reddi-wip products. We sent out an email to Betterific members informing them of the contest, which ran for two weeks in December 2013.

250 idea were submitted, 707 total comments were written and 40% of all ideas were shared to facebook and twitter. The ideas that were submitted revealed themes and trends having to do with creative marketing, packaging, partnerships, new product developments and social media.  Those who posted the most inspired ideas would have the opportunity to win a $500 shopping spree grand prize and runner-up winners would receive Reddi-wip for a year. We are happy to say that our Betterific members delivered some really wonderful ideas, much to the delight of ConAgra Foods (who returned to Betterific to run another campaign on their frozen foods brands).

Our top prize winner was Meia Geddes, who was also the grand prize winner of our travel site campaign (Look out! She’s on a roll!). Of the ten ideas that Meia posted for this particular campaign one of our favorites was this:


Our runner up winners for the campaign were David McGuigan, Richard Hostler, Matt Kane, Ari Polsky, Metro Power Yoga, Frank Seay, and Luc Michaud. We greatly appreciate our dedicated and fantastic Betterific members and we thank them for contributing such high-quality ideas to the campaign. Here are a few of their notable ideas:


Richard Hostler

Matt Kane

Ari Polsky

Metro Power Yoga

Frank Seay

Luc Michaud

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