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ConAgra Frozen Foods Betterific Campaign Winners Announced

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In January 2014, ConAgra returned to Betterific to run another campaign, this time to source ideas for marketing and product development for their frozen foods brands. An email was sent to our member base announcing the campaign, which ran the last two weeks of January.

For this campaign 125 ideas were submitted, 25 comments were written, the campaign page received 798 views and 43% of all ideas were shared to Facebook and Twitter. Betterific members’ suggestions revealed trends in consumers’ thoughts regarding packaging improvements, packaging marketing, promotions and new product development. All those who left feedback and suggestions for ConAgra’s frozen foods brands were automatically entered for the chance to win the grand prize $500 shopping spree and any runners-up would receive vouchers to purchase their favorite ConAgra frozen foods. Again, we were very pleased to see our member base respond so positively to the campaign and leave such wonderful ideas to make frozen foods better.

Our top prize winner for this campaign was Ken Griggs (32 lifetime betterifs). Here’s our favorite idea from Ken:

Wouldn't it be better if froze foods had "tell-tale" labels on them that would change color if the package had ever been thawed. That way you would know if the food had ever been left out and gone bad, then refrozen.

Our runner-up winners were Dan Pick (111 lifetime betterifs), Rajesh Nerliker (41 lifetime betterifs), Paul Benjou (8 lifetime betterifs), Grace Lo Porto (8 lifetime betterifs), Kimberly W. (32 lifetime betterifs), Jenniffer Eads (6 lifetime betterifs), Metro Power Yoga (221 lifetime betterifs), Luc Michaud (31 lifetime betterifs), and Meia Geddes (136 liftetime betterifs). Thank you once more to all of our wonderful Betterific members who contributed ideas. We truly appreciate their willingness to share their thoughts and contribute to making things better. Here is a highlight of some of our runner-up winners’ ideas. Happy innovating!

Dan Pick

Grace Lo Porto

Jenniffer Eads

Kimberly W.

Meia Geddes

Paul Benjou

Written by Gwen Gurley

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