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The Weekly Top Ten Betterific Ideas

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We’ve been a little busy at Betterific this past week, so we’re running a little behind on a few things, one of which is the Weekly Top Ten Ideas from this past week (May 5th). But we certainly didn’t want to skip any of these fantastic and unique ideas. Stay tuned for more great ideas and upcoming campaigns!

Wouldn't it be better if #GoogleMaps and #Waze had a way to mark a route impassable during a weather emergency?

Wouldn't it be better if phone makers developed technology that allowed you to have two phones near each other sync up when playing a song, so that you can get a louder speaker effect?

Wouldn't it be better if the Nats used a t-shirt cannon, instead of just throwing the t-shirts. And style it like a Revolutionary War cannon, let George fire it!

Wouldn't it be better if subways provided hand sanitizer dispensers (government provided or private sector provided) while exiting the train station?

Wouldn't it be better if using Netflix, you can socially share a movie or TV show directly with friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter after viewing?

Wouldn't it be better if Seamless Delivery offered free refrigerator shelf labels for roommates to split up their fridge. If they were branded Seamless, I would be reminded to just order dinner instead of just looking at my fridge.

Wouldn't it be better if rechargeable batteries could tell you when they just can't hold a charge anymore?

Wouldn't it be better if there were an appliance that could be placed in a toilet that analyzed the contents of one's poop and pee and sent the results to one's cellphone or otherwise displayed the results.

Wouldn't it be better if curbside recycling bins had little baskets you could hook on for disposing of batteries and prescription medication.Wouldn't it be better if Starbucks (or any coffee/fast casual shop) gave discounts to people who came into their locations with their bike helmets, during national bike to work day (5/16/2014)!

Happy innovating!

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