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Betterific’s First Product Launch!

My fellow Betterificers, tomorrow, Friday July 17th, will be a special day. Why, you ask? Because with the help of our friends over at Dormify, for the first time ever, a Betterif has been transformed from an online idea to a consumer product, and will be featured on the Today Show!

The product, more specifically, solves a problem faced by many around the world. For too long, people have fumbled with fitted bed sheets, spending too much time questioning which corner goes where and not enough time actually making the bed. If there was a simple label or graphic on the sheet illustrating the proper way to fit it, countless time could be saved. And finally, thanks to the diligence of the Betterific team and the quality of the idea, Dormify has begun to produce and sell the product (which can be purchased here).

The improved fitted bed sheet represents one of the first tangible products to come from the Betterific labs, and if you would like to see one of your ideas possibly come to fruition, then join Betterific here. We’re always on the lookout for innovative souls to keep our innovation train chugging along.

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The world cup is often heralded as one of the greatest cross-cultural sporting events in the world, rivaling or even surpassing the appeal of the Olympics. And this year’s competition has been truly historic, with a number of large upsets and nail-biting, gritty matches. And here at Betterific, we’re about to close up shop and head to the nearest bar to watch our boys play Belgium. To honor one of the greatest sporting events in history, I present to you a fine collection of world cup related Betterifs, straight from the creative geniuses who keep Betterific moving and shaking. Image Image Image Image   Image   And last but not least, we have this gem of a Betterif: Image