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Target’s CMO discusses Betterific in shareholder quarterly earnings call

Our partnership with Target to help them crowdsource ideas for their dorm room product line, just reached new heights.  The innovation challenge itself was a tremendous success, with over 180 quality ideas and a number of ideas that will be going through the product development funnel.

As a testament to its success, and the power of the Betterific technology and community, Kathee Tesija, the Chief Merchandising and Supply Chain Officer, of Target specifically called out Betterific as a solution for product innovation in Target’s quarterly earnings call.  Full transcript:

“This year’s back-to-college assortment includes a set of unique own brand items that our own product design and development team developed in partnership with college students based on the challenges they faced when living with roommates in very small spaces. And since we are already planning for back-to-college 2015, we have recently partnered with Betterific, an open crowd sourcing community focused on innovation to help us think of other innovative products that could make life in a first apartment or dorm room even better. The community proposed hundreds of ideas. Then together Target and the community built on each other’s ideas and voted on the best ones. Now, our team is using the ideas to identify unmet guest needs, determine if there are products that we can bring to market for back-to-college next year and uncover completely new industry-first products. Betterific is part of Target’s larger guest-to-guest initiative that is working to connect guests to each other and to Target in meaningful ways.”

Being mentioned in a shareholder quarterly earnings report is certainly a first for Betterific! (And I’d imagine most startups!)

Looking forward to more great things to come from the Betterific/Target collaboration.