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Inaugural “Brainstorm with a Startup”

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Last week, we kicked off our inaugural “Brainstorm with a startup.”  The idea came about because we had been hearing feedback from our members that they wanted more opportunities to connect with each other, to brainstorm, and to learn more about startups.  So we were on the lookout for ways to accomplish that.  And then one of our members, who’s in the midst of launching his own startup, approached us about a Betterific Brainstorm to help him solve some challenges and think through some issues.  And voila, an idea is born!

Below is a recap by Rajesh, VP of Product and Marketing at Wentroductions.  Big thanks to everyone who participated in our first one.  If you want to participate, or want to present, please reach out to us.RajeshGoogleHangout

I’ve been using Betterific for a couple of years now and know how great the ideas are that the community comes up with.  So when I wanted feedback on a new dating app I am launching, I ditched alternatives like in favor of talking to a select group of Betterific users.

I got some great insights, and some great ideas for future features.  The process was simple – Betterific reached out to some of their all star users, we picked a time for a Google Hangout, and I presented some designs to get the conversation started.  At first there were questions – and then there was a flood of great suggestions and discussion.  I’ve never done a group feedback session, but I’d highly recommend it – especially with Betterific users!

– Rajesh, VP of Product and Marketing


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