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Snacks and Desserts Innovation Challenge

Hey!  Micha here, to catch you up on our latest Innovation Challenge.  Last week we hosted an innovation challenge for Entenmann’s.  The question posed to our member base was: ” What new hand-held cakes and baked snacks should Entenmann’s make next!?”  And, as could be expected, the ideas were tasty, scrumptious, original and downright wonderful.  No matter how many innovation challenges we run, we’re always amazed at how clever, unique and creative our community can get.  In just 1 week over 110 ideas were generated and the vast majority of them simply blew us away.

I then had the pleasure of presenting the findings to Entenmann’s, as sort of an ambassador of Betterific nation, last week.  The presentation was somewhat surreal–as my entrepreneurial journey begins over an interaction I had with Entenmann’s when I was 9 years old.  So I’m a big fan of the brand.  Add to that the feeling of representing the great ideas of our community to the brand, and you have quite a fantastic day.


The presentation was split into three parts: 1)How did Betterific come to be; How we view the world of crowdsourcing and connecting brands and consumers over ideas. 2)A report on the Innovation Challenge, the themes, and the top ideas.  3)How we can continue to work together to allow them to co-create with consumers.

The first part was fun, as I recounted my Entenmann’s story of calling the brand’s customer service line with an idea I had–at the age of 9.  And from there I gave some insight into the Betterific journey and where we’re heading.


The second part was really powerful.  They were eager to see the themes and top ideas; a wonderful conversation developed over each idea.  I was pleasantly surprised by how many of the top ideas were original and never-before-been-thought of.  The list got the group’s creative juices flowing, with different team members chiming in over how an idea could be implemented, or how they tried something similar in the past.  Half way through the conversation we jumped into the site to look at some user’s profile pages and really dig deep into the product ideas.  Formally presenting the Betterific memberbase’s creativity, imagination and ability to think of actionable ideas is extremely energizing and validating–as large companies are often skeptical that crowdsourcing innovation can really yield new products.  (You’d think that after working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have gone on to produce ideas from our community, their fears would be quelled!).


We’re very proud of the Betterific community that’s been formed, of the brands we work with–who continue to push the envelope and embrace the future–and the efforts we’re undertaking to better connect brand with consumers over ideation and innovation.  Big thanks to all the participants of the Entenmann’s challenge and the creativity you all brought!