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Entenmann’s Snacks and Desserts Challenge Winners Announced!

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We must admit, this was one of the most fun innovation challenges we’ve run.  Who doesn’t love brainstorming, crowdsourcing and ideating around Snacks and Desserts?!  Well the results are in, and the winner of the challenge is… George Ward! George came out swinging with some really great ideas at the start of the campaign, and never looked back.  He had a number of creative ideas, the fan favorite was the “Zero Cake, all Crumb” concept.

The next two runners ups also brought their A Game.  Tori Dantos – with her idea that they should make loaf cakes with surprise images on the inside (And bonus points for including a photo); and Lesley Schreiber’s ingenius idea for Black and White Donuts!

Muffin Tops

As always, there’s so much creativity and passion around great ideas.  Some other top ideas that deserve mention were the “Loaf Cake tops (like Seinfeld’s Muffin Tops)” and the EntenWomann’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month branding idea, by Noam Weinblatt.


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