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California Health Innovation Challenge Winners Announced!

We had a great turn out with some amazing ideas for this innovation challenge. Before announcing the winner, we just want to say thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge. Your creative suggestions really help make the Betterific community awesome.

And the winner of the challenge is… (drum roll please) Dan A for his “Food Exchange” idea! His great idea earned him a $250 Amazon gift card.

Our four runners up, earning a $25 Amazon gift card with their Betterifs are…

Leah Frommer – “Transportation”

Metro Power Yoga – “State Contest”

Nancy Edwards – “Bike To Work”

Dan Pick – “Fundraising Steps”

There’s still more time to participate in the Washington, DC City-Wide Innovation Challenge. Head over to Betterific and share your ideas.

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Toyota Innovation Challenge – How would you improve the dealership experience?


Toyota is the first automotive company to tap into the Betterific crowdsourcing community!  Welcome aboard, Toyota.  I’d say buckle up, but i feel like a ride on the Betterific innovation train requires free-flowing ideation, dynamic conversations and pinball style thoughts. And seat belts will just restrict us.

The campaign launched in earnest this morning, and we’ve already seen some really creative ideas, from a Kid Zone to Taco Trucks (maybe on Tuesdays?!) to introducing Virtual Reality to the experience.

The campaign runs thru 5/19 @ midnight.  Toyota will be looking for innovative and creative ideas to make the car dealership experience even better.  Top prize – $200 gift card. 4 Runners Up win – $25 Gift Cards.

Let the ideas flow.  Check out the crowdsourcing innovation challenge

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California Health Innovation Challenge – Launched!


On Monday we launched the California Health Innovation Challenge.  A health insurer is asking the question: What’s something new that a healthcare company could offer to help you, your family, your community, or California be healthier and live healthier? (think apps, services, events).

We’re proud they came to our community to ask this question.  Do you know why they came to us?  They were looking for creative, imaginative ideas — and not the normal “make my rates cheaper.”  This reputation we’ve built is a big reason why brands and companies trust Betterific to crowdsource innovation.

So far, over 60 ideas have been posted and the results have been fantastic.  We’ve especially appreciated that the health care company has jumped into the conversation themselves to interact with the community — encouraging great ideas and digging deeper into others.  It’s always good to get guidance and support from the source!

Ideas have ranged from creative events, to apps, to trade-in programs.  Some of our favorite crowdsourced ideas to date:

Set up stationary bikes throughout the state that could charge cell phones and other electronics. (Credit: Noam Weinblatt)

Create a trade-in program for junk food.  Trade in sugar for vegetables! (Credit: Dan A)

A pay it forward program, where a portion of a co-pay could go to the uninsured.  (Credit: Jim Hull)

Setting up a pinterest style board for ideas for people with allergies (Credit: Joel Kliksberg)betterific_hero_rightside_Resized