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Toyota Innovation Challenge – How would you improve the dealership experience?

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Toyota is the first automotive company to tap into the Betterific crowdsourcing community!  Welcome aboard, Toyota.  I’d say buckle up, but i feel like a ride on the Betterific innovation train requires free-flowing ideation, dynamic conversations and pinball style thoughts. And seat belts will just restrict us.

The campaign launched in earnest this morning, and we’ve already seen some really creative ideas, from a Kid Zone to Taco Trucks (maybe on Tuesdays?!) to introducing Virtual Reality to the experience.

The campaign runs thru 5/19 @ midnight.  Toyota will be looking for innovative and creative ideas to make the car dealership experience even better.  Top prize – $200 gift card. 4 Runners Up win – $25 Gift Cards.

Let the ideas flow.  Check out the crowdsourcing innovation challenge

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