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Toyota Innovation Challenge Winners Announced!

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Toyota was the first automotive company to benefit from our awesome community. The challenge asked us to think about what would make our visit to a car dealership amazing. There were lots of great ideas (84 to be exact) and it’s great to see all of them. We want to say thanks again to everyone who participated.

Now… time to announce the winners!

The grand prize winner, receiving a $200 Amazon gift card is… Dan Pick! Congrats! Dan submitted a lot of great Betterifis for this innovation challenge. One seemed to really stand out though, which was this great idea:

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.22.52 PM

The runner ups, winning a $25 Amazon gift card each are:

Jaideep KhandujaToyota Owners Meetup

Laurie Steiner – Kid Zone

Ryan Marimon – Car Info App

Allison KellerWeekend Test

Props to everyone who participated. Make sure you head over to Betterific and share more of your great ideas.

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