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5 Tech Tools to Help with Employee Engagement

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Here at Betterific, we believe in a few things:

1. An engaged and happy workforce is a better workforce.

2. Positive company culture is the other half of a successful work environment.

There are tons of “tech tools” out there to help with both engaging employees and promoting company culture but out of all of them we have some favorites. We narrowed it down to our top five that we believe can really help reinforce a good company culture and help with employee engagement.


Company perks can help employees feel excited about the organization they’re working for. Aspire is like a one stop shop for perks and they make it easy to manage them too. It gives employees the chance to really choose which perks work best for them, making it a more personal experience.


Productivity and employee engagement go hand in hand. When someone feels as if they’re wasting time searching through emails and making unorganized lists, it’s difficult to be happy and fully engaged in work. Asana is a great way to bring everything together and collaborate in an easy way. We appreciate the transparency in the tasks and projects too. It’s something we use every day.


Slack makes work fun.  How?  It’s hard to explain, but it figured out a way to make the office cooler virtual (and sometimes private, just like the office cooler).  Communication is an important part of employee engagement. It’s team communication that’s all in one place easily searchable. Awesome.


Happy employees=happy company. Tinypulse is the way to measure that happiness and look at the data in a nice organized way through weekly employee happiness surveys. It’s important to know if your employees are doing well. A lot of companies can keep trudging through the work without realizing that there’s any sort of problem. Once something like unhappiness is identified, there’s a chance to fix it. It’s also really nice for employees to know you care enough to ask.

Betterific (that’s us!)

Innovation is key to your success as an organization, but also key to company morale. A company that continually asks “What’s the next product or service we need to offer?” is a company that keeps its employees challenged and energized.  Kevin Plank, who founded Under Armour (known for their sports performance t-shirt), has famously said, “Under Armour has not yet found the product that will define us.”  In other words, our work isn’t done.  Keep innovating. Keep throwing out crazy ideas.  Our idea management platform is a way to start organizing and innovating, moving one step closer to those crazy, world changing ideas. It gives employees a voice and flattens the hierarchy that can sometimes interfere with employee satisfaction. Innovation should be a ingrained in the culture, and a great way to do that is by having employees start to think how things could be better.

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