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So… we promised you guys some answers and now it’s time to deliver. Jonathan, Micha, Chip and I have responded accordingly below:

Q: What’s your favorite color?

Jonathan: I always prefer if I have a splash of orange in my sneakers, so let’s go with orange.

Micha: Magenta

Chip: Cerulean

Tatiana:I don’t even know what it’s called (phthalocyanine green maybe?), but this color is amazing.

Orange    Magenta

Cerulean    Phthalocyanine green

Q: Do you have anything interesting about yourself that you want to share?

Jonathan: I may or may not have been the supervising party when my toddler fell of a swing and fractured his leg 6 wks ago 😦


I have a guilty pleasure of playing Call of Duty.

I’m a wicked backgammon player.

I make a really good Israeli salad.

Chip: I collect antique woodworking tools

Tatiana: I have a Youtube channel where I post one-take covers with lots of mistakes of songs I like.

Q: What does Betterific have planned in the near future?

Jonathan: Interviews with top tech leaders and innovators

Micha: We’re building an idea workflow to help companies better execute, manage, and collaborate on the ideas generated on Betterific.

We’re also in the beginning stages of redesigning the site, based on user feedback and usage. It’ll feature a flat, streamlined look.

Q: What song have you been listening to a lot lately, or what’s your favorite this month?

Jonathan: Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life

Micha: Cheerleader OMI

Chip: Paw Patrol theme song

Tatiana: I have a few that I’ve been stuck on. Here’s one I listened to while I was writing this post.

Remember, you can still ask us more questions whenever you want to. Also, if you happen to know what color green that is (or want to make up a new name for it) let me know by leaving a comment. My favorite color needs a name!

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