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So… What is Betterific anyway?

You may already be aware of and fun things like Innovation Challenges that really connect individuals passionate about ideas with companies, but you may not know about all the great stuff we can do to help companies with things like product development, employee engagement and innovation.

Betterific is an Employee Innovation Platform that helps corporations easily crowdsource ideas and insights from their employees. We deliver innovative ideas and synthesized feedback to develop new products, cut excess fat from the organization, and improve both customer and employee experiences. There are different tools that we use to help with this.

Someone tasked with increasing employee engagement knows how important it is to give employees a voice. Realization of this goal is what Betterific can offer with our innovation management platform that offers an opportunity to give employees the ability to participate in team-wide, or company-wise, idea generation and idea validation initiatives.

For someone focused on innovation, it’s important to find an efficient and simple way to innovate and crowdsource ideas from all corners of your company and beyond. Our software helps keep everything in one place from concept to execution.

As a product developer, there’s quite a bit of responsibility–from generating all those ideas and keeping track of them to fleshing out the final product and launching it. Betterific is a great tool to use to keep everything running smoothly and to help create more profitable products. We have ways that help you brainstorm, a concept testing tool, and an area to collaborate and work all the details out with the people on your team.

Whether you fit one of these descriptions, or you just want to be a part of the collaboration revolution, Betterific is the tool to use to make your work fun, efficient, and innovative.

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