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Old El Paso Challenge Winners Announced

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Hi Betterific Nation,

We’re proud to announce the winners of our Old El Paso crowdsourcing innovation campaign.  This challenge was especially important, because we were tasked with helping Old El Paso discover their next great innovation.  And with great innovation, comes great responsibility.  Old El Paso has creativity and unconventionality running through their veins – they created the

first-of-its-kind stand-n-stuff taco shell.   Old-El-Paso-Promo-Grphic

Sheer brilliance.  No longer did you need three hands to pack a taco.

And our community rose to the occasion.  With such creative ideas like personalized tacos, tacos shaped liked sombreros, and tacos that are closed on three sides!

Overall, 75 ideas were generated, and 20 of them were highlighted as potential game-changing ideas.

Big Congratulations to: Hedish Amir (grand prize winner), Dale Gledhill, El Berto Valle, Kelly Williams, Metro Power Yoga, and Ryan Kulp!

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