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Healthy Salad Innovation Challenge winners


For one of our tastier innovation challenges to date, we were approached by a healthy salad dressing company who was looking for new flavor combinations.  Sounds easy-enough, right?

It turns out our community of ideators and innovators is full of great flavor combinations.  Zatar?  Never would’ve thought of it.  Cranberry juice, parsley and garlic?  Unique.  Chardonnay, asiago, and fresh lemon-basil? Sign us up.

Crowdsourcing with Betterific yields different innovative ideas every time, but output is the same – creativity, brilliance and ingenuity.  The only thing predictable about a Betterific open innovation challenge is that the community will rise to the challenge.

The salad dressing ideas are being protocepted as we speak, and we’ll hopefully be able to share what combinations make it to the next round.  They’ll be doing a lot of research to see what works best within their current offerings and capabilities.  Then they’ll test them within small focus groups  and after a lot of back and forth, they will work on the marketing, the packaging and then roll them out to store shelves.  It’s an iterative process, that could take up to a year from idea to execution.

Big congrats to the winners: Kelly Williams (Grand Prize Winner), Laurie Steiner, Sara Nickel, Kimberly Watkins.