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Sterilite Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

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Plastic storage – how much innovation could there be?  Apparently a lot… when you crowdsource with Betterific!  We love seeing the grassroots movement towards co-creation and crowdsourcing, and are excited for what 2016 holds in store for the burgeoning space.

Before we get to the winners, we wanted to highlight some of the themes, stats and learnings that came out of the open innovation challenge.

Themes: Hanging storage, labeling apps, and new business/service opportunities around renting offsite storage.  

IMG_20151126_221305 (1)

Richard Ahern, the VP of Marketing from Sterilite, championed the effort and did a great job inspiring his team to participate and engage with our audience.  Constantly probing our members to dig deeper while simultaneously celebrating great ideas, was a big reason why this was such a successful campaign.

As is usually the case, the Betterific brainstorm was used in two ways – one to gather external ideas and second as a mechanism to spark new ideas, and ways of thinking, internally.

Sterilite is busy working on evaluating and testing the ideas. Of the 130 ideas, a large number were considered viable, with 6 already being actively researched!

And now…. for the winners:

Keonte Smith – Grand Prize winner!

Tori Dantono, Kelly Williams, Nancy McNamara, Aric Boyles, and Metro Power Yoga (Runners Up)

We originally slotted 4 Runners Up winners and prizes, but since the content was so good, we added a 5th.

Congrats to everyone, and a big thank you to everyone who participated and helped spark plastic storage innovation!

One thought on “Sterilite Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

  1. Thanks Betterific and thanks to all the innovation challenge participants for lending us your creative talents. Look for your ideas at your favorite retailer in the near future. Best to all for the New Year!


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