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The Yogurt Open Innovation Challenge winners.. Revealed

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First off, happy post-superbowl.  As members of the crowdsourcing movement, we were proud to see the Doritos Super Bowl ad executed so well.  It was our favorite ad, not because it was crowdsourced but because it was hilarious.

Now onto bigger and better things – like Yogurt!  The Yogurt open-innovation challenge, was our first ever “Flash Challenge” (it was only live for 72 hours) and was much more successful than we imagined.  The prevailing thought, that more time leads to more and better ideas, was temporarily stunted by this flash innovation challenge.  148 ideas, and around 10 “Shovel-ready” ideas, which is a tremendous testament to our community’s ability to submit creative, unique, and actionable ideas.

We were proud to announce Thomas Williams as our grand prize winner, and our runners up were Kimberly Watkins, Luc Michaud (One of our first 1,000 users!), Luke Bornheimer and Laurie Steiner.

A lot of creativity around the combination of snacking+healthy and of teaching an “old dog do new tricks” – like taking tried-and-true snacks and replacing them with Yogurt.  We also saw a lot of ideas bringing in unique flavors.  The most impressive part was how we thought differently about about Yogurt in general –  beyond the cup and the spoon paradigm.

Thanks for participating, and we look forward to seeing you on the next crowdsourced product innovation challenge, which happens to be about Totinos!

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