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Pyrex Gadgets launches, with a little help from their friends

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Pyrex Gadgets, the brand new line kitchen gadget line that got its humble beginnings in a Betterific innovation challenge, has just launched!

We love when the product development cycle comes full circle – Insights>Ideation>Validation>MVP>Iterate>Launch.  At Betterific, we play in the insights, ideation and validation space.  And we’re especially proud when our very own members contribute to the finished product.


Pyrex learned a lot from our community.

1)Key Themes: Mutli Use, Space-Saving, Ease of Use, Kits & Bundles, and Aestethics.  These themes helped shape the overall direction of the line and differentiate it from the vast competition.  By listening to the Betterific audience, they were able to learn both what customers actually want and how to stay unique and differentiated.

2)Validation: When a brand turns to the Betterific community for ideation and innovation, they have generally done some internal brainstorming.  When they see trends, themes, and similar ideas pop up, their concepts take a leap forward in the validation process.  We also offer special validation techniques, that are quick ways to validate concepts and iterate on them.


3)FANTASTIC IDEAS: What is Betterific, if not a community of great ideas?!  Our members are “professional” brainstormers.  They don’t know how to think inside the box.  They bring their creative juices to the party and wow product developers with their uniqueness, creativity and “why didn’t we think of that” type of ideas.


We’re quite pleased what Pyrex came out with and are happy that the Betterific community had such an important role in developing the products you see today.

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