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What innovative ideas do you have to make the Bathroom better?

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That is the question we posed to our community.  A leading bathroom manufacturer turned to us to help fill their product pipeline with innovative new ideas.  The specific innovation challenge they crowdsourced asked Betterific members to re-imagine the sink/faucet area: What could be created/improved to allow you to do things in the bathroom that aren’t currently possible–think about your morning and nightly bathroom routine. So many areas for innovation: the faucet; the counter space; the mirrors…. What could be better?!

117 total ideas were submitted, 10 of which are now being considered by their product development and innovation team.  Almost 10% of all ideas were unique, forward-thinking and grounded enough – what a testament to our community!  The only brief we give is the three sentence question, and 3 sample ideas.  And with that our band of creatives and brainstormers dream up big new ideas, and think of the world thru a Betterific lenses.

We will be inviting all participants to our Phase II – our iterative concept testing room where these ideas will be flushed out, mocked up, and then brought back to the audience to unearth a deeper level of feedback on a subset of ideas.

Innovate On!

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