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The bathroom would be better if…

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We just announced our winners for the Bathroom ideation and innovation challenge.future-bathroom-11

Big shoutout to Marla Goodman, a first time participant and grand prize winner for this week’s crowdsourced product innovation challenge.  Marla really came at this innovation challenge with some umph.  She won a $300 Amazon gift card.

Runners Ups were ($25 Amazon gift card):

Metro Power Yoga

Rick Robinson – with the fan favorite idea of being able to raise and lower the sink like a standing desk.

Danielle Taylor

Lawrence Phipps

Winners are determined by a panel of judges comprised of the brand and Betterific employees.  We look for originality, creativity, mixed with a dose of realism (can this idea actually be done) and passion.

We’re launching our next crowdsourced product ideation challenge –  the cosmetics challenge – on Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

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