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Mirror, Mirror on the wall

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We just wrapped up our first crowdsourced innovation contest in the cosmetics industry.  Lipstick, as a category, is ripe for some new ideas.  We were approached to help a fortune 500 company re-think their product line and see what areas there are for considerable improvement.

The meteoric rise of Pokemon Go has us thinking that Augmented reality could be a really angelinejolie1-jpgcool area for lipstick – there were a number of ideas around being able to superimpose someone else’s lips or “trying on” different lip colors virtually.  On that same line of thinking, Snapchat could be a great platform to introduce those types of innovations.  I’d love to see how I looked with Angelina Jolie’s lips.

We’re still in the judging process, so check back soon to see who won the crowdsourced ideation contest, what types of ideas the product development and innovation team liked, and what the next steps are.



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