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Sterilite is back for another Idea Generation Campaign!

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Betterific-Hero-71516Sterilite ran their first idea generation campaign around storage bins. They generated a whopping 146 unique ideas, and 18% of those ideas were considered “actionable and innovative” by the Sterilite team.

They are now back for seconds!  Our Sterilite Mobility Challenge was launched yesterday to great fanfare.  Sterilite is interested in making storage more mobile. What ideas do you have for Sterilite to make their products (storage, waste baskets, laundry bins) easier to transport? Think about both how to make this category more mobile and which specific products might benefit from updates.

Betterific-Right-71516Grand Prize Winner: $350

4 Runner Up: $50

For some extra credit, check out the interview with Rich Ahern (VP of Marketing and Product Development) about his role and why he turns to Betterific for crowdsourcing innovation and idea generation.

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