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The winners of the Lipstick Idea Generation Competition Revealed

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Let’s get down to business.  Our Lipstick innovation and idea generation competition wrapped up a couple weeks ago and we want to give a quick recap.

66 Ideas.  A whopping 38%  of them  were deemed innovative and actionable by the sponsoring brand.  Great job Betterific community!

Grand Prize winner ($400): Kathy Russell

Runners Up ($25): Luc Michaud, Lizabeth BarclayLaura BelinfanteKathryn Savvides.

They are actively researching a number of the ideas submitted and have already committed to a second crowdsourced innovation competition! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, our Sterilite Mobility Challenge is live.  It ends on Tuesday.  Get in there and submit your ideas to make storage more mobile.

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