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Brainstorming with innovator Laurie Steiner

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In this installment of brainstorming with an innovator, we invite Laurie Steiner, who won our wireless innovation competition.  I love doing these series, because we get to learn more about our members – what gets them going, why they do what they do, and how they come up with such creative ideas.  Laurie is not just a great ideator, but an amazing human being who gives so much of herself.  She has helped raise over 60 kids!  We need more Lauries in the world.

See below to learn more about Laurie’s fascinating good deeds and how ADDHD is the secret sauce to her brainstorming.  Maybe we should market Betterific to ADDHD communities!

IMG_0906MW: What do you do when you’re not brainstorming on Betterific? Laurie Steiner (LS): Now that I’m retired I have more time for hobbies and personal fun. I watch my grand kids a few days a week. I love to read, crochet, go camping, fishing and crabbing, I enjoy ghost hunting with a local group. Spending time with friends and family always makes me happy as well!

MW: Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t know from your resume. LS: I was a foster parent for many years and helped raise over 60 kids. My rewards are the ones who stayed in my life and I was even blessed with a few of their kids who call me “grandma”. 🙂

MW: Betterific members are ideas people!  What BIG idea are you thinking about/sitting on?  LS: We always said we should start a business…think telephone booths where you insert a dollar or two, put on goggles and get sprayed with sunscreen..These could be located at the beach or lake.

MW: When you get an invitation to join a Betterific innovation challenge, how do you approach the challenge?  Any good techniques you want to share? LS: First, I let all of the obvious ideas pass out of my brain! Then I think of the “problem” and imagine myself in the situation. What experiences have I had personally? I sometimes wonder if I have ADHD….ideas and thoughts come to me all of the time and my mind is always “on”.  While others may shake their head when I go from subject to subject..for me it is a gift because I do have a great imagination and original  ideas…I just have to get them in order sometimes!

MW: How do you get ‘in the zone’ so you can think about the problem deeply? LS: I don’t always tackle the issue all at once. I carry it around with me and think about it as I go about other things. Sometimes trying to come up with an instant answer will just give you ideas that already exist and you want to think of things that could make the product or idea stick out to the public as unique to the product itself.  That is what will sell it.

MW: What have you enjoyed most about the Betterific platform? And what do you like most about the community? LS: I love ideas. I love reading OTHER people’s ideas. It is a fun place to be, no negativity there! I obviously love winning prizes as well, but what in interesting way to try to do so.

MW: If you were CEO for a day, what would you improve about the platform? LS: Well, I would love more feedback on where these ideas go…if you ever try to pitch them to sellers and what the responses are.  I also think you should ask participants to share your site. Most would be happy to since it’s not all about winning,  it’s about sharing thoughts and impressions! My advice would be: while it’s great to keep growing and improving,  don’t be too anxious to change a good thing!

To participate in our crowdsourced idea generation competitions, please sign up for our site!  If you’re a brand and want to run an innovation challenge, please check out our enterprise site.

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