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Hacking Citizen Engagement – presented by Deloitte Pixel and Singularity University’s Global Summit

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It’s not everyday that you get to collaborate with the preeminent source for exponential thinking on an innovation challenge.  We’re really excited to announce our newest innovation competition centered around hacking civic engagement.  We’re working with Deloitte’s crowdsourcing practice, Pixel, and Singularity University.

In a first for Betterific, we are also partnering with TopCoder to develop the best ideas that are submitted through the competition.  Pixel is bringing together all the parts – the ideation is happening on Betterific, the development is happening on TopCoder and the results will be presented at Singularity University’s Global Summit this weekend.  Lots of pieces being brought together.

SUGL Pixel Wide

So what ideas do you have to better connect citizens with their legislators?

Grand-prize: $400 Amazon Gift Card. 4 runners-up: $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

Bonus Prize: The top ideas will be mocked up in and developed in a competition at TopCoder.  All ideas will be streamed live at the event, meaning they will be heard by a crowd of global leaders and innovators.

The Full Challenge: Wouldn’t it be better if there was more citizen participation in government? Let’s involve more people with civic projects and the law-making process. Share your ideas for an app that enables users to engage directly with local, state, or federal governments to get things done, for example providing input on policy decisions or launching new projects.

SUGL Pixel SmallMore about Singularity: Singularity University is a Silicon Valley think tank that offers educational programs and a business incubator. It focuses on scientific progress and “exponential” technologies. It was founded in 2008 by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil. Ray Kurzweil is the famed futurist who believes that by 2035 robots and humans will blend into one in a Singularity event.  This is a good starting point to learning more about Kurzweil and his predictions (that always turn out true!)

This is your chance to rethink citizen engagement, earn a $400 gift card and get your civic app idea created!  Come join the innovation competition.

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