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Winners announced for the Civic Engagement Innovation Competition

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Our “Hacking Civic Engagement” Challenge was a first for us in many respects.  It was the first time we’ve done a civic (non product) challenge.  It was the first time we partnered with Singularity University – the institution that believes in exponential thinking based on the exponential growth of technology.  And perhaps most importantly, it was the first time we crowdsourced a concept from beginning to end.

With the help of Deloitte’s Pixel division we collaborated with Topcoder.  Ideas were conceived of by the Betterific community, winners were chosen by Pixel, and passed them on–along with design specs–to the designers at Topcoder.  In 48 hours, they received 25 app designs.  deloittepixel_splash

Quick shoutout to the winners of the ideation competition: Luc Michaud (grand prize winner), Metro Power Yoga, Marla Goodman and Dennis Pitcock.  Check out their winning ideas below.

The process and the results were presented at the Singularity University Global Summit.  The winners were announced by the CEO of Xprize and Balaji Bondili, from Pixel.


Crowdsourcing is the way of the future – and more and more companies are jumping aboard.  Having a platform at Singularity University’s Global Summit was like a coming out party for Betterific and collaborating with Pixel and Topcoder presents a huge opportunity moving forward.

Top Ideas:

A Betterific-like app (with challenges) was developed specifically to help government leaders/ policy makers think outside the box to solve important issues? Example: the mayor could have a challenge on how to reduce the many potholes without extra $

An app where people can upload photos and videos of hazards and issues, tag them, geotag them, and have them upvoted to be addressed by a local government. It also helps the community solve their own issues such as a lost pet.

I could subscribe to political updates/news according to topic, location, political person and get those texted to me or available in an app as they happen or daily or weekly

An app that allowed you to report a problem (such as a tree uprooting the concrete on an easement) and the app would automatically notify the appropriate agencies.  The app would keep you updated of the status.
Time lapse video showing the topcoder designers at work!

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