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Winners of the Sterilite Mobility Innovation Challenge Announced!

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Sterilite’s Mobility Innovation Challenge was a really fantastic example of the Betterific community’s ability to generate quality ideas, beyond the brand’s wildest dreams.

When Sterilite initially reached out to us, they were looking at asking a narrow challenge, with not a whole lot of room for creativity. In our initial discussions–with all brands–we like to get to the heart of the challenge.  What types of innovations are you looking for?  What does a great idea look like?  Why are you pursuing this specific challenge?  When we dug deeper, we realized that the heart of the challenge centered around mobility and how to make storage easier to move around and less clunky.  So that’s where we focused our attention – we pulled back and took a bit of a more birds eye view.  And the results were fantastic.

Because we were able to “zoom out” the ideas were unique and unexpected.  Seven of the concepts are being looked at further and are entering the product development process.

We’d like to give a quick shout out to our winners of the challenge.  Grand prize winner: Steve Wood.  Runner Ups: Marla Goodman, Dan Pick, Matt Kustes and Ronald Williams.

Big Congrats.  And see you on the next Betterific Innovation challenge!

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