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Private Innovation Challenge Goes Live

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Betterific is a platform that connects brands with consumers to co-create and refine new products.  It is a place where Innovation Happens.  Our mission is to spread the crowdsourcing gospel, so we work with all types of brands, with different levels of regulations and comfortability with utilizing the crowd.  We certainly don’t want to restrict their ability to tap into Betterific’s open and social crowd.

Which is why we’ve created three different ways to tap into the Betterific brain trust. No matter the method, Betterific is committed to open and social brainstorming, so no matter what type of challenge we create, members who participate can submit their own ideas, be inspired by other’s ideas, and vote on comment on others.

Public and Open Innovation Challenges: The brand runs an open challenge on the Betterific platform, all are invited to participate.  The brand name is revealed so members can get into the mindset of the brand to generate ideas.  This generally yields the most ideas.  Example: The Sterilite Mobility Challenge

Anonymous and Open Innovation Challenges: Same as above, but the brand is left anonymous.  This is an option for companies who want a level of confidentiality.  Example: The Lipstick Challenge

Private and Closed Innovation Challenges: Only members who are invited in can participate, the brand is not revealed, and the ideas are hidden to anyone not invited in. Members are generally asked to sign an additional NDA and companies reveal even more information.  This is a great option for projects that are highly confidential and/or that are revealing pre-released information. Example: We can’t link to one, so we explain it below.

A private and closed innovation challenge called “Name that Nutrition Bar” was just launched where a CPG company turned to the Betterific community to name their product.  In the safe space of the private challenge and with a special NDA, the brand revealed the packaging and marketing materials.  Because of the exclusive appeal of the challenge, and the unique access, Betterific members submitted 500 names!


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