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Name that bar (private) innovation challenge

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Betterific Nation,

This was the first time the Betterific community was asked to name a new product.  With great power comes great responsibility.  We were given the packaging, the details, and some specific instructions (2-3 words) and we’re asked to crowdsource new product names for a nutrition bar.  It was a private challenge, so we have to be somewhat vague.  But we don’t have to be vague about the results.

The challenge was live for one week and we generated over 700 names! Holy smokes.  Very impressive.  40 of those ideas were sent onto legal, and within two weeks they had chosen the winner – the new name that will adorn the packaging of this nutrition bar.

Their criteria was which name was most memorable, creative and descriptive.

Big Shout out to Elliot Totah who submitted the winning name, and who’s submission will be featured on people’s favorite nutrition bar.

And thanks to the runners up, who submitted countless genius ideas : Richard Hostler, Dannon Loveland, Daniel Gurevich, Núria Rovira CostasDaniel PickJason Navon.  We were slated to select four runner up winners, but since the quantity and quality was so high, we increased the winners by 50%.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and see you on Betterific for our next innovation challenge, launching on Tuesday 11/29.

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