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Non monetary incentives

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We just received a wonderful email from one of our members.  She loves the Betterific community, finds tremendous value in the brainstorming and connection with other members and companies.

In the spirit of Betterific, She has some innovative suggestions!  And we’re implementing her ideas immediately (see below).  She’s encouraging us to think through rewards beyond our current roster of incentives.

With our crowdsourcing, design-thinking innovation challenges, here is the rewards that winners get:

-(1) Grand prize wins between $350-500. (4-5) Runners Up win between $25-50

-We inform the winners which of their ideas performed best and why.  We let them know how the clients reacted and why.

-The grand prize winner gets featured our blog, in an interview where they talk about where they find their creative genius.

The Betterific member suggested we endorse them on LinkedIn for Design thinking, ideation and brainstorming. Great idea!  We are implementing that idea immediately.  If you have other ideas for incentives, we’re listening.

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