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New Innovation products we’re working on

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Betterific Nation,

Just wanted to give you a bit of a sneak peak on a new innovation product we’re working on.

The Betterific platform helps brands co-create new concepts with our memberbase of design thinkers and ideation enthusiasts.  Our first product was our ideation and brainstorming product, which connects our members with each other over new and innovative ideas.  We then added a layer on top – the innovation challenge, where brands can sponsor ideation sessions.  Our second product was concept refinement.  We added an illustrator to the team and are helping bring the ideas to life.  These concepts are sketched up and then brought to the Betterific community for refinement.  Along the way, we’ve added design thinking services, to help brands better navigate the process and guide them through the user-centered approach to launching new products and services.

Brands have continued to ask us a simple question – once the ideas are generated, where/how can I collaborate with my team over the evaluation and execution of these ideas?  We’ve spent the last three months thinking through, prototyping, co-creating with our customers, and building a place for this collaboration to happen.  We call it Workflow.  See below for some screenshots.  We’d love your feedback.  Our goal is to roll this out by the end of May.  Thanks!


In this dynamic screenshot, we show the main list view.  Purpose =Make sense of all the ideas, by adding themes, and move them through  the innovation process by assigning statuses.  Routing of ideas

The purpose of this stage is to quickly evaluate ideas – each company can change the criteria to whatever they like, but the concept is the same.  Collaboratively evaluate the feasibility (cost, difficulty…) and impact of an idea, and flag your favorites, so you can determine as a team which ideas should move through.

Quick Evaluations

For a more in depth view of an idea, you click into the idea page itself.  Each expert invited to evaluate the idea can rate the idea, add their own notes and collaborate in the private comments section.  Any individual can then click through the evaluations to see both aggregate and criteria-level evaluations.

Idea Page

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