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Owner vs Employee Mentality

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Every business tries to teach its employees how to think like an owner.  So they create processes, systems, guides, trainings and incentives around it.  But there are just some things you can’t teach.

We are looking at use a survey platform for an upcoming project, and one of the requirements is somewhat abnormal.  We need to base the last question of the survey on the user’s generated answer to the previous question.

I reached out to two survey/form providers to see how we should approach this conundrum.

In one, I received a really welcoming, engaging, and helpful response, from a customer service representative.  You could tell the the representative wished they could help.  That he believes in his brand and that he believes that one day they will build a feature to solve my design challenge.  But at the end of the day the answer was, “No.”

The second email I received, from a different provider, explained to me that, although the tool wasn’t built to do that,  but if you ask the question in a different way, we could arrive at the outcome we were looking for.  Ultimately, she found a creative way to say yes.

That’s what owners do. They think outside the box, stretch boundaries and create new realities.

One thought on “Owner vs Employee Mentality

  1. They need to find out how to do Payroll.


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