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Winners Announced for the Nature Conservancy Brainstorm Challenge



We’re pleased to announce the winners of The Nature Conservancy’s Demarcate the Lake innovation challenge.  Out of 80 ideas submitted, 25 were considered “unique and actionable.”  That’s a 31% quality rating!  Amazing.  Because of the scientific nature of this challenge, we were worried that the Betterific community would not be suited for the challenge.  Boy were we proven wrong.

When we run non-consumer oriented challenges, we always supplement the Betterific solvers by recruiting solvers with specific skillsets.  Fun fact: 40% of the unique and actionable solutions were provided by the original Betterific members, and 60% by the newer members of the community.

If you’re interested in the process: Over a 6 week period, 80 ideas were submitted.  TNC and Sensis Challenges did the first review of the ideas – each idea was either Dead or Alive.  We then invited five judges, a mix of subject matter experts and field operators, to bring that number down to 10.  The third and final round involved all five judges discussing the merits of the top 10 ideas.

The themes that emerged were tech-enabled buoys, mobile apps, solar and GPS solutions, and aeronautic solutions.  The final solution will likely take elements of the top ideas.

The Grand Prize goes to Kashyap G, who submitted the top idea using a mix of RFID and small ocean-based buoys linked through steel cable and glow in the dark paint.  In short: The buoys’ RFID and Bell system are powered by a cable running through the connections all the way to the M.M.N.P at either end where there is a solar panel array and battery pack.

As the grand prize winner, Kashyap wins $800 and bragging rights!  Here’s an image he put together.


The runners up were:

M SarkarDonna LeGoo, Grace Charles, Sylvia Busby

Congrats to The Nature Conservancy and all participants in a successful crowdsourcing challenge.

4 thoughts on “Winners Announced for the Nature Conservancy Brainstorm Challenge

  1. My congratulations to Kashyap G and the other winners. And of course the other participants, since there were lots of other submissions that brought value to the brainstorming and discussions.

    What I’d love to read on the blog next would be an interview with Kashyap G. Let us all know a little about the winner, his/her education and how he/she came up with the winning concept.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks M Sarkar and good idea. As per yours and Sylvia’s requests, we’ll be interviewing the judges and Kashyap. (And congrats on winning the runners up prize).


  2. Congratulations Kashyap G and all the others! I also would love to hear more from the judges!


    • Great idea Sylvia! We’ll be interviewing Kashyap to hear more from him. And we’ll also see if the judges are willing to write a post as well. Thanks again.


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