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Winners Announced for Kitchen Cabinet Innovation Challenge

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The metric we follow most closely at Betterific is how many ideas the client receives vs how many ideas they identify as “research worthy.”  For this last challenge, the kitchen cabinet dead space innovation challenge,  we had 65 total submissions.  14 of them were determined “research worthy.”  That’s a 21.5% hit rate.  Absolutely incredible.

When we talked to the client afterwards they told us the main value prop of Betterific is that our community of sorcerers (crowd-sourceres, that it is) is highly ingenius, capable and thorough.  And that the hit ratio is unlike anything they’ve ever seen.  They’ve tried other crowdsourcing solution platforms, but the hit ratio for our competitors is usually around 5-6%.  So when they look at time spent vs output, the Betterific community and process is highly efficient and productive.

And now for our winners and top ideas!

$1,000 Grand Prize Winner:
$175 Runner Ups:
Dennis Pitt: is a conveyor belt but for hanging pots, pans, and just about anything with a handle. This can fit inside any cabinet and great for those corners. The hooks must swivel/spin to allow flexibility for when the conveyor is moving.

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