The Betterific Blog

Connecting consumers with brands to crowdsource and innovate on product ideas.

Betterific is….

Welcome to The Betterific Blog! We’re glad you stopped by.

What is Betterific?

Glad you asked. Betterific is your digital suggestion box. If you’ve got feedback, suggestions, or just innovative ideas for your favorite brand, product or anything, Betterific gives you an engaging platform to get your voice heard.  Any idea, any company, any brand… if you’ve got a great suggestion, post your idea on the Betterific site and let the world vote for those that are the very best. Get your idea heard by the companies you want to hear them. Crowdsourcing better ideas and democratizing innovation is what we’re all about. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to make things better, and you might even win a prize or two for posting a game changing idea.

What is the Betterific blog? 

This blog is where we will be posting information on all things happening with Betterific. New campaigns, funny stories, upcoming changes, winning ideas, interviews with fellow innovators and more! This is where you can get to know us and our growing company.

Got more questions? We welcome your thoughts so please feel free to leave us comments on the blog or send us inquiries at:

Happy innovating!

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