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Here are some links to articles that have been written up on us. Thanks for stopping by!


Betterific is Like Reddit for Customer Feedback – Mashable, by Seth Fiegerman, 1/07/2013

Betterific launches out of Beta to help you share ideas for making products and companies better – The Next Web, by Harrison Weber, 12/05/2012

An Entrepreneur’s Solution for Bedsheet problem – The Washington Post, by Thomas Heath 8/11/2014

Wouldn’t it be better if there were a better suggestion box? Enter Betterific – The Washington Post, By Emi Kolawole, 1/09/2013

Betterific puts first product on shelf –, By Anton Root 8/26/2014

Digital suggestion box launches first physical product – Elevation DC, by Allyson Jacob 8/19/2014

Digital Suggestion Box Let’s Travel Brands Ask For Customers’ Big Ideas – Skift, by Samantha Shankman, 10/18/2013

Betterific Campaign with Washington Wizards – WizardsXtra, by Adam Bradley, 3/26/2014

Reddi-wip’s Betterific Campaign shows a campaign on a small social site can deliver big results – Holtz Communication + Technology, by Shel Holtz, 12/16/2013

DreamIt Ventures Newcomer Betterific Wants to Be The Reddit for Customer Feedback – Tech Cocktail DC, by Zach Davis, 9/23/2012

Startup of the Day: Betterific – Starticulate, by Claudia Thompson, 12/2/2013

Post your quick ideas: Betterific – Anne’s Spot, by Anne Adrian, 4/01/2014

How a Customer Service Email from Betterific Won Me Over – The American Genius, by Lani Rosales, 8/24/2013

Startup Rundown: Betterific Improves the Future of Bed Sheets, and GroupMe Lets You Communicate Via Images of Squirrels – BetaBeat, By Jordyn Taylor, 7/10/2013

Business Rx: Advice for getting customers for suggestion box startup – The Washington Post

DC Startup Betterific Teams with the Wizards to Crowdsource Innovative Fan Experience – In The Capital, by Billy Mitchell, 3/19/2014

Top 35 Startups in Tech that TechCrunch Missed Out On – Startup Plays, by France Varriano, 10/05/2013

Customer Voice Needs Platform –, by Larry Platt, 4/15/2013

Betterific is Terrific! – LittleMissGeorgia Blog

Betterific – The Big Plate, 2/26/2013

Making a Betterific Model for Customer Feedback – The High Gain Blog, by Laura Abrahamsen, 01/29/2013

The District Dish: Micha Weinblatt, Betterific – KStreetMag, 5/3/2013

Capital Buzz: Using Derivatives to Help Small Entrepreneurs – The Washington Post, by Thomas Heath, 04/13/2014

Out of marketing ideas? Try crowdsourcing them from your customers – The Hub, by Brian Lustig, 04/22/2014

3 Reasons to Crowdsource in Marketing and Product Development – AdLibbing, by Gwen Gurley, 04/17/2014

Betterific Wants to Help Brands Identify and Solve Problems –, by Anton Root, 06/05/2014

Crowdsourcing Goes Further Than You’d Think – Huffington Post, by Jonathan Schilit, 03/27/2014

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