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Betterific 2016 Year in Review


Congrats on 2016. We all deserve a pat on the back.

Our mission is to connect design thinking enthusiasts (aka Betterific members) with brands to help make better products better.  And this year was a giant leap of progress.

To celebrate all that the Betterific community has accomplished this year… we created an infographic!  Products were named, created and will hit store shelves in 2017.  Marketing and packaging concepts were hatched. We engaged countless brainstormers and connected with brands willing to venture out into the crowd!

Happy 2016 and we look forward to brainstorming with you in 2017.

P.S. If you’re interested in running an innovation challenge – to generate product ideas, marketing concepts, or product names – or if you’re interested in refining and validating concepts in 2017, please reach reach out.


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Name that bar (private) innovation challenge

Betterific Nation,

This was the first time the Betterific community was asked to name a new product.  With great power comes great responsibility.  We were given the packaging, the details, and some specific instructions (2-3 words) and we’re asked to crowdsource new product names for a nutrition bar.  It was a private challenge, so we have to be somewhat vague.  But we don’t have to be vague about the results.

The challenge was live for one week and we generated over 700 names! Holy smokes.  Very impressive.  40 of those ideas were sent onto legal, and within two weeks they had chosen the winner – the new name that will adorn the packaging of this nutrition bar.

Their criteria was which name was most memorable, creative and descriptive.

Big Shout out to Elliot Totah who submitted the winning name, and who’s submission will be featured on people’s favorite nutrition bar.

And thanks to the runners up, who submitted countless genius ideas : Richard Hostler, Dannon Loveland, Daniel Gurevich, Núria Rovira CostasDaniel PickJason Navon.  We were slated to select four runner up winners, but since the quantity and quality was so high, we increased the winners by 50%.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and see you on Betterific for our next innovation challenge, launching on Tuesday 11/29.

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Private Innovation Challenge Goes Live

Betterific is a platform that connects brands with consumers to co-create and refine new products.  It is a place where Innovation Happens.  Our mission is to spread the crowdsourcing gospel, so we work with all types of brands, with different levels of regulations and comfortability with utilizing the crowd.  We certainly don’t want to restrict their ability to tap into Betterific’s open and social crowd.

Which is why we’ve created three different ways to tap into the Betterific brain trust. No matter the method, Betterific is committed to open and social brainstorming, so no matter what type of challenge we create, members who participate can submit their own ideas, be inspired by other’s ideas, and vote on comment on others.

Public and Open Innovation Challenges: The brand runs an open challenge on the Betterific platform, all are invited to participate.  The brand name is revealed so members can get into the mindset of the brand to generate ideas.  This generally yields the most ideas.  Example: The Sterilite Mobility Challenge

Anonymous and Open Innovation Challenges: Same as above, but the brand is left anonymous.  This is an option for companies who want a level of confidentiality.  Example: The Lipstick Challenge

Private and Closed Innovation Challenges: Only members who are invited in can participate, the brand is not revealed, and the ideas are hidden to anyone not invited in. Members are generally asked to sign an additional NDA and companies reveal even more information.  This is a great option for projects that are highly confidential and/or that are revealing pre-released information. Example: We can’t link to one, so we explain it below.

A private and closed innovation challenge called “Name that Nutrition Bar” was just launched where a CPG company turned to the Betterific community to name their product.  In the safe space of the private challenge and with a special NDA, the brand revealed the packaging and marketing materials.  Because of the exclusive appeal of the challenge, and the unique access, Betterific members submitted 500 names!


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Interview with an Innovator: Luc Michaud

Betterific members are a diverse crowd – gender, age, location and occupation…  We like to maintain this diversity to allow for cross pollination.  One of our core beliefs is that great ideas come from people with different perspectives, outlooks and specialties.  Which is why crowdsourcing is so critical.

Luc Michaud brings a unique voice as a pharmacist.  He’s won a number of innovation competitions and won the grand prize of the Singularity Civic Engagement Innovation Challenge.   His approach to the innovation challenges is very methodical and we’re glad that he gave us a window into his systematic process – he goes through a litany of questions to see how to make the product simpler, more social, more fun… See below for the full list.  He’s also got great ideas on how to improve Betterific – and his desire for “private challenges” was just realized in our Name that Nutrition Bar private challenge.



MW: What do you do when you’re not brainstorming on Betterific? Luc Michaud (LM): I work as a full-time pharmacist, I like to spend time with family (I’m married and have 2 teenage girls and one beagle), reading, and writing my first book.

MW: Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t know from your resume. LM: I am a part-time minister

MW: What books do you recommend on ideation, creativity or innovation? LM: Cracking Creativity: The secrets of creative genius by Michael Michalko

MW: What BIG idea are you thinking about/sitting on?  LM: I have this idea for a phone case that would make your phone able to take pictures while the phone is horizontal. Sometimes, you don’t want to make it obvious that you’re taking a picture.

MW: When you get an invitation to join a Betterific innovation challenge, how do you approach the challenge?  LM: I look at what we value most and brainstorm as to how to improve these different aspects with this challenge:
How could we save money?
How could we save time?
How could we decrease hassle?
How could we make this more social?
How could we make it more fun?
How could we make it more aesthetically pleasing?
How could we make it more environmentally friendly?
How could we make it more family-friendly?

MW: What have you enjoyed most about the Betterific platform? LM:  I like the Betterific challenge because it helps me focus on how to improve one specific product.  I like being part of a group that values creativity. Creativity is so important and I love reading how others were able to think outside the box.

MW: If you were CEO for a day, what would you improve about the platform? LM:
– I would make it easier to read the different ideas posted. I would have an “editor’s choice” for the week as to what ideas were the best according to the Betterific team. I would also give the ability to subscribe to certain topics that we’re particularly interested in. The tags are good, but sometimes too narrow.
– I really like the challenges, but I would also like to see some collaboration. Why not put both of those together? How about a national competition where different teams would compete against each other?
– It would be good to have one Betterific Challenge every week. What if the weeks that there are no sponsors, non-profits would be allowed to post a challenge and the prize for these would be bragging rights?
– Allow private (by invitation only) Betterific challenges? Some sponsors would rather keep the ideas confidential to protect the idea
– Create an app or website or game to get children involved with Betterific. Kids are the most creative!
I guess I’s need more than one day as CEO to implement all these!

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Winners of the Sterilite Mobility Innovation Challenge Announced!

Sterilite’s Mobility Innovation Challenge was a really fantastic example of the Betterific community’s ability to generate quality ideas, beyond the brand’s wildest dreams.

When Sterilite initially reached out to us, they were looking at asking a narrow challenge, with not a whole lot of room for creativity. In our initial discussions–with all brands–we like to get to the heart of the challenge.  What types of innovations are you looking for?  What does a great idea look like?  Why are you pursuing this specific challenge?  When we dug deeper, we realized that the heart of the challenge centered around mobility and how to make storage easier to move around and less clunky.  So that’s where we focused our attention – we pulled back and took a bit of a more birds eye view.  And the results were fantastic.

Because we were able to “zoom out” the ideas were unique and unexpected.  Seven of the concepts are being looked at further and are entering the product development process.

We’d like to give a quick shout out to our winners of the challenge.  Grand prize winner: Steve Wood.  Runner Ups: Marla Goodman, Dan Pick, Matt Kustes and Ronald Williams.

Big Congrats.  And see you on the next Betterific Innovation challenge!

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Interview with an Innovator: Kathleen Russell

In this installment of Interview with an Innovator, we hear from Kathleen Russell.  Kathy is in the insurance space and holds a dual degree in Mathematics and Business.  She won the Lipstick Innovation Competition with a  couple of really cool ideas around lipstick strips and a “smart lipstick.”  She’s participated in numerous crowdsourcing innovation competitions, so it’s not surprising that her suggestion for Betterific is for the platform to host weekly “lightning” challenges.  Great idea. We’re always looking for ways to “flex your idea muscle” and I think that would be a great way to help people practice.  We’re going to look into it!

Read on for Kathy’s brainstorming tips and where she goes for inspiration.

MW: What do you do when you’re not brainstorming on Betterific?  Kathleen Russell (KR): I enjoy spending time with family and friends and trips to Las Vegas.

MW: What blogs do you recommend on ideation, creativity or innovation?  KR: I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog, it’s a free daily email from author Seth Godin.

MW: Do you have a startup/business on the side you want to tell us about?  KR: My Hubby is working on a couple of products to take to market. I can’t say what they are right now, but look forward to sharing them once their live!

3bcaebbMW: When you get an invitation to join a Betterific innovation challenge, how do you approach the challenge?  KR: I believe in intersectionality, so I try to think about other, similar but different industries and products to gain inspiration from what is available there.  The question then becomes, how can we take what we’ve learned from other successful innovations and bring it to this specific industry.

MW: Do you have any tricks for breaking through a creative block?  KR: I get a group of trusted family or friends together and toss out ideas, literally starting with crazy silly ideas, then hone in towards the problem you are solving.  It’s a brainstorm, but in a safe space, so you don’t feel the pressure of groupthink.  It also helps to have people who aren’t close to the problem or familiar with the typical boundaries or barriers.

MW: What have you enjoyed most about the Betterific platform? And what do you like most about the community?  KR: I love reading other people’s ideas and having a place to go where it’s positive. The best part right now, is no one talks about the election!

MW: If you were CEO for a day, what would you improve about the platform?  KR: Send a daily email with a small challenge and a link to log your ideas. Kind of like a daily lightening round.

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Winners announced for the Civic Engagement Innovation Competition

Our “Hacking Civic Engagement” Challenge was a first for us in many respects.  It was the first time we’ve done a civic (non product) challenge.  It was the first time we partnered with Singularity University – the institution that believes in exponential thinking based on the exponential growth of technology.  And perhaps most importantly, it was the first time we crowdsourced a concept from beginning to end.

With the help of Deloitte’s Pixel division we collaborated with Topcoder.  Ideas were conceived of by the Betterific community, winners were chosen by Pixel, and passed them on–along with design specs–to the designers at Topcoder.  In 48 hours, they received 25 app designs.  deloittepixel_splash

Quick shoutout to the winners of the ideation competition: Luc Michaud (grand prize winner), Metro Power Yoga, Marla Goodman and Dennis Pitcock.  Check out their winning ideas below.

The process and the results were presented at the Singularity University Global Summit.  The winners were announced by the CEO of Xprize and Balaji Bondili, from Pixel.


Crowdsourcing is the way of the future – and more and more companies are jumping aboard.  Having a platform at Singularity University’s Global Summit was like a coming out party for Betterific and collaborating with Pixel and Topcoder presents a huge opportunity moving forward.

Top Ideas:

A Betterific-like app (with challenges) was developed specifically to help government leaders/ policy makers think outside the box to solve important issues? Example: the mayor could have a challenge on how to reduce the many potholes without extra $

An app where people can upload photos and videos of hazards and issues, tag them, geotag them, and have them upvoted to be addressed by a local government. It also helps the community solve their own issues such as a lost pet.

I could subscribe to political updates/news according to topic, location, political person and get those texted to me or available in an app as they happen or daily or weekly

An app that allowed you to report a problem (such as a tree uprooting the concrete on an easement) and the app would automatically notify the appropriate agencies.  The app would keep you updated of the status.
Time lapse video showing the topcoder designers at work!