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California Health Innovation Challenge Winners Announced!

We had a great turn out with some amazing ideas for this innovation challenge. Before announcing the winner, we just want to say thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge. Your creative suggestions really help make the Betterific community awesome.

And the winner of the challenge is… (drum roll please) Dan A for his “Food Exchange” idea! His great idea earned him a $250 Amazon gift card.

Our four runners up, earning a $25 Amazon gift card with their Betterifs are…

Leah Frommer – “Transportation”

Metro Power Yoga – “State Contest”

Nancy Edwards – “Bike To Work”

Dan Pick – “Fundraising Steps”

There’s still more time to participate in the Washington, DC City-Wide Innovation Challenge. Head over to Betterific and share your ideas.

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16 Handles Betterific Challenge – Winners Announced!

Um, that looks delicious...  (Image by Justine on the blog Hoboken Girl)

Um, that looks delicious… (Image by Justine on the blog Hoboken Girl)

Betterific has had a busy April, running both the 16 Handles and Coke/McDonald’s Challenges, not to mention the current Washington Nationals campaign that has been running since April 25th and will end on May 5th, 2014 at 3pm (there’s still time to give the Nats your best ideas)! Needless to say, the Betterific team really enjoyed working with 16 Handles on their customer experience campaign. We had a great time talking with their team during the set-up of the campaign and we are excited to help such a young and inspiring new company, headed by their amazing CEO Solomon Choi. We also hope to follow-up with 16 Handles several weeks from now to do a case study on their campaign, find out what worked for them and what didn’t and to come up with a better idea of best practices to implement when companies crowdsource for product development and marketing. While we always enjoy the process of seeing what ideas come about when people start brainstorming for companies, coming up with new and creative ways for making the frozen yogurt experience better was certainly a lot of fun and it’s a good thing frozen yogurt is healthy because there were definitely some serious cravings happening as a result of intense fro-yo idea generation.

Now, back to the winners! The campaign ran from April 8th to April 18th during which time Betterific members were able to post their ideas on the site for how to make the 16 Handles customer experience better.  111 ideas were submitted with the top themes identified in creative marketing, special events, community involvement, new products and fro-yo accessories. The grand prize winner would receive free frozen yogurt for a year and 5 runner-up winners would each receive a $25 16 Handles gift card. In addition, all winners were to be given the chance to meet face-to-face with CEO Solomon Choi to discuss their ideas and their passion for frozen yogurt.

Our grand prize winner was Sara Levin and our 5 runner-up winners were Luke Bornheimer, Tovah Silbermann, Ashley Smith, Ari Polsky, and Diane Lipson. Below are a few of our favorite ideas posted by the winners. (Please note that these ideas are not necessarily the ideas that were selected by 16 Handles for implementation.)

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles sold reusable plastic cups that you could buy then reuse at the store and get a discount.

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a blending machine that allowed customers to blend their yogurt and toppings into a Blizzard-type concoction?

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had suggested recipe guides by the fro-yo counter (Example: S'mores Ice Cream Cup -Graham Cracker Yogurt, topped with hot fudge and marshmallows).

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a froyo sandwich (ice cream sandwich) station

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a starbucks style membership system/gold card.

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles sold thin pieces of chocolate that could serve as cup dividers so your flavors don't mix together?

Ok, we’re going to get some fro-yo… Happy innovating!

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The Coke/McDonald’s Challenge on Betterific – Winners Announced!


The winners of Betterific’s Coke/McDonald’s Challenge have been announced! The competition was fierce and all the ideas were amazing. We honestly have to say this was one of the best challenges we’ve run on Betterific and we are very happy with the results. Just to recap, Betterific members were asked to brainstorm innovative and creative ways to make the Coca-Cola experience at McDonald’s better. From April 8th to April 18th Betterific members posted their ideas on new products, new services, and interesting marketing campaigns. One grand prize winner was to be selected for a $500 gift card and 5 runner-up winners would each receive a  $50 McDonald’s gift card.

Over the course of 10 days, 125 ideas were submitted (35% of which were shared to Facebook and Twitter). Several themes were identified amongst all the ideas that were submitted including: new menu inspirations, beverage accessories, healthy options, vintage experiences, loyalty and customization.

Our grand prize winner was Metro Power Yoga (she’s got 260 lifetime betterifs!), and our 5 runner-up winners were Ann Murtha, Benjamin Shirazi, Tony Busko, Kelly Williams, and Jordy Clements.

Here a few of the ideas that we liked which our various winners posted during the challenge. (Please note that these ideas are not necessarily those ideas that were selected by Coke or McDonald’s for implementation.)

Wouldn't it be better if you could make your own coke infusions at McDonald's when you ordered a coke by adding syrups like almond or raspberry or coconut...

Wouldn't it be better if Coca-cola/McDonald's had frozen coca-cola (and Diet Coke and Cherry Coke) during the summer?

Wouldn't it be better if Coke/McDonald's had incentives to recycle or reuse your cup. $.50 refills.Wouldn't it be better if Coca-cola/McDonald's came out with a slow-cooked Cola-Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich? With or without coleslaw on top! Delicious summertime fun!

Wouldn't it be better if Coke would use pure cane sugar and avoidusing high fructose corn syrup in their drinks.

Wouldn't it be better if McDonald's offered a healthy value meal that paired a salad with Coca-Cola's Odwalla juices.

Thanks to all our Betterific members for being such great innovators!

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Wizards Betterific Fan Experience Contest Winners Announced!

We are happy to announce yet another successful close to a campaign on Betterific! Members of the site were asked to brainstorm innovative and creative ways to make the Wizards fan experience better by posting ideas on marketing, promotions, concessions, in-game entertainment and more. Betterific members had one week to post as many ideas as possible in order to be considered for a prize. At the end of the contest, the Wizards would consider all ideas that were submitted and select 5 winners who would receive tickets to a Wizards game. We had a lot of fun running the Wizards fan experience challenge on our site and here are the overall results:

136 ideas total were submitted

30% of the ideas were shared on facebook/twitter

Top themes: Vintage Bullets experience, in-game promotions on social media, new food items and concessions, technology integration, activating the fan base

The winners, who were chosen by the Wizards based on the overall creativity of their ideas, were: George Roche, Arthur Reinaltt, Rachel Sternstein, Jefferi, and Jammal Matthews. Below is a random sample of some of the ideas from our winners that were posted. (Please note that these ideas were not necessarily the ideas that were chosen by the Wizards for implementation.)

Wouldn't it be better if the Wizards promoted to young professionals already downtown with day-of "happy hour" tickets that go on sale an hour before game time at a reduced price. This could also generate a decent sized crowd around the Verizon Center for extra fan festivities.

Wouldn't it be better if the Wizards gave out different color t-shirts for the different seating levels, to make a red, white and blue stadium! 100 level with blue t-shirts, 200 level with white and 400 level with red?  It screams DC.

Wouldn't it be better if the Wizards had jumbo slices at the Verizon Center

Wouldn't it be better if the Verizon Center created local food nights where pop up vendors for specific games were features (i.e., bus boys and poets, dc brau, dolcezza, etc.?)

Wouldn't it be better if the Verizon Center had a play area for for children with wizards/magical things for when some kids get bored with the game?


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ConAgra Frozen Foods Betterific Campaign Winners Announced

In January 2014, ConAgra returned to Betterific to run another campaign, this time to source ideas for marketing and product development for their frozen foods brands. An email was sent to our member base announcing the campaign, which ran the last two weeks of January.

For this campaign 125 ideas were submitted, 25 comments were written, the campaign page received 798 views and 43% of all ideas were shared to Facebook and Twitter. Betterific members’ suggestions revealed trends in consumers’ thoughts regarding packaging improvements, packaging marketing, promotions and new product development. All those who left feedback and suggestions for ConAgra’s frozen foods brands were automatically entered for the chance to win the grand prize $500 shopping spree and any runners-up would receive vouchers to purchase their favorite ConAgra frozen foods. Again, we were very pleased to see our member base respond so positively to the campaign and leave such wonderful ideas to make frozen foods better.

Our top prize winner for this campaign was Ken Griggs (32 lifetime betterifs). Here’s our favorite idea from Ken:

Wouldn't it be better if froze foods had "tell-tale" labels on them that would change color if the package had ever been thawed. That way you would know if the food had ever been left out and gone bad, then refrozen.

Our runner-up winners were Dan Pick (111 lifetime betterifs), Rajesh Nerliker (41 lifetime betterifs), Paul Benjou (8 lifetime betterifs), Grace Lo Porto (8 lifetime betterifs), Kimberly W. (32 lifetime betterifs), Jenniffer Eads (6 lifetime betterifs), Metro Power Yoga (221 lifetime betterifs), Luc Michaud (31 lifetime betterifs), and Meia Geddes (136 liftetime betterifs). Thank you once more to all of our wonderful Betterific members who contributed ideas. We truly appreciate their willingness to share their thoughts and contribute to making things better. Here is a highlight of some of our runner-up winners’ ideas. Happy innovating!

Dan Pick

Grace Lo Porto

Jenniffer Eads

Kimberly W.

Meia Geddes

Paul Benjou

Written by Gwen Gurley

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ConAgra Foods’ Reddi-wip Betterific Campaign Winners Announced

About three months ago, ConAgra Foods signed up with Betterific to run a campaign on the site to source new inspirations on their well-known Reddi-wip products. We sent out an email to Betterific members informing them of the contest, which ran for two weeks in December 2013.

250 idea were submitted, 707 total comments were written and 40% of all ideas were shared to facebook and twitter. The ideas that were submitted revealed themes and trends having to do with creative marketing, packaging, partnerships, new product developments and social media.  Those who posted the most inspired ideas would have the opportunity to win a $500 shopping spree grand prize and runner-up winners would receive Reddi-wip for a year. We are happy to say that our Betterific members delivered some really wonderful ideas, much to the delight of ConAgra Foods (who returned to Betterific to run another campaign on their frozen foods brands).

Our top prize winner was Meia Geddes, who was also the grand prize winner of our travel site campaign (Look out! She’s on a roll!). Of the ten ideas that Meia posted for this particular campaign one of our favorites was this:


Our runner up winners for the campaign were David McGuigan, Richard Hostler, Matt Kane, Ari Polsky, Metro Power Yoga, Frank Seay, and Luc Michaud. We greatly appreciate our dedicated and fantastic Betterific members and we thank them for contributing such high-quality ideas to the campaign. Here are a few of their notable ideas:


Richard Hostler

Matt Kane

Ari Polsky

Metro Power Yoga

Frank Seay

Luc Michaud