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16 Handles Betterific Challenge – Winners Announced!

Um, that looks delicious...  (Image by Justine on the blog Hoboken Girl)

Um, that looks delicious… (Image by Justine on the blog Hoboken Girl)

Betterific has had a busy April, running both the 16 Handles and Coke/McDonald’s Challenges, not to mention the current Washington Nationals campaign that has been running since April 25th and will end on May 5th, 2014 at 3pm (there’s still time to give the Nats your best ideas)! Needless to say, the Betterific team really enjoyed working with 16 Handles on their customer experience campaign. We had a great time talking with their team during the set-up of the campaign and we are excited to help such a young and inspiring new company, headed by their amazing CEO Solomon Choi. We also hope to follow-up with 16 Handles several weeks from now to do a case study on their campaign, find out what worked for them and what didn’t and to come up with a better idea of best practices to implement when companies crowdsource for product development and marketing. While we always enjoy the process of seeing what ideas come about when people start brainstorming for companies, coming up with new and creative ways for making the frozen yogurt experience better was certainly a lot of fun and it’s a good thing frozen yogurt is healthy because there were definitely some serious cravings happening as a result of intense fro-yo idea generation.

Now, back to the winners! The campaign ran from April 8th to April 18th during which time Betterific members were able to post their ideas on the site for how to make the 16 Handles customer experience better.  111 ideas were submitted with the top themes identified in creative marketing, special events, community involvement, new products and fro-yo accessories. The grand prize winner would receive free frozen yogurt for a year and 5 runner-up winners would each receive a $25 16 Handles gift card. In addition, all winners were to be given the chance to meet face-to-face with CEO Solomon Choi to discuss their ideas and their passion for frozen yogurt.

Our grand prize winner was Sara Levin and our 5 runner-up winners were Luke Bornheimer, Tovah Silbermann, Ashley Smith, Ari Polsky, and Diane Lipson. Below are a few of our favorite ideas posted by the winners. (Please note that these ideas are not necessarily the ideas that were selected by 16 Handles for implementation.)

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles sold reusable plastic cups that you could buy then reuse at the store and get a discount.

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a blending machine that allowed customers to blend their yogurt and toppings into a Blizzard-type concoction?

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had suggested recipe guides by the fro-yo counter (Example: S'mores Ice Cream Cup -Graham Cracker Yogurt, topped with hot fudge and marshmallows).

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a froyo sandwich (ice cream sandwich) station

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a starbucks style membership system/gold card.

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles sold thin pieces of chocolate that could serve as cup dividers so your flavors don't mix together?

Ok, we’re going to get some fro-yo… Happy innovating!

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NYC Froyo Shop 16 Handles partners with Betterific to Crowdsource Deliciousness

16 Handles Frozen Yogurt Site Snapshot

Get in on the action with the latest campaign on!

We are happy to announce that Betterific has once again partnered with a fantastic company to help them crowdsource ideas for their business and engage with their customers.  New York City based 16 Handles is giving crowdsourcing a go and will be running their campaign on Betterific’s site from April 10th to April 18th. A grand prize winner, who will be selected by 16 Handles, will receive free frozen yogurt for a year. 5 runner-up winners will receive $25 gift cards and all winners will have the opportunity to meet with the CEO and founder of 16 Handles, Solomon Choi, to discuss their ideas.

16 Handles is no stranger to trying new things when it comes to reaching out to their customers. In January of last year they received quite a lot of press with write-ups in Adage, Socialfresh, Suazmopolitan, and YFSmagazine  (to name a few) because they were the first company ever to use Snapchat for advertising and marketing purposes. We are very excited to be working with such a great company that so many people love. Here’s a snapshot of some of the ideas people have already posted:

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had a mobile app that let you pay, earn points, and other fun things!Wouldn't it be better if sixteen handles also sold shakes where you could choose to fill up a cup of frozen yogurt and then have it mixed up into a shake.

Wouldn't it better if 16 handles sold reusable plastic cups that you could buy and then reuse at the store and get a discount.

Wouldn't it be better if 16 Handles had cup dividers so we could sample zillions of delicious flavors in one cup?!

Happy innovating!

Written by Gwen Gurley