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Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook – Listen up! A new feature for email

Here at Betterific, we spend a good deal of time looking through the various ideas that are posted because it is extremely interesting to think about what effect they might have on our day to day lives if they were implemented. This is why we like to do guest blog posts and interviews with members of the Betterific community, so they can really hash out some of their ideas and get the brain juices flowing for the rest of us. We like how one idea usually breeds another so today we would like to share an idea that we thought particularly interesting from our fantastic Betterific innovator, Anne Mims Adrian. Here is Anne’s idea, which was voted one of the Betterific Weekly Top Ten a few weeks ago, and some more detail on her idea.

Wouldn't it be better if there was a "like" button for email so I don't have to reply.

GG:  When did you have this idea? What were you doing?

AMA: I thought of the idea of liking email messages several times before posting the idea to Betterific. Having a quick and nonintrusive way of saying “I like” an idea, a message, or a thought is a good way to respond to messages without having to add to the number of email messages we have to read. There are several occasions, both personal and professional situations, come to mind when “favoring” an email would be helpful. For instance, my daughter is a high school softball player. Around a few events, we, as parents, usually send email responses—the streams can become disruptive. The streams also can become overwhelming—several people chiming in with the same positive thoughts. Rather than replying with a written response, a nonintrusive way of favoring a message could reduce the noise. I suppose having a “thumbs down” also could reduce the number of emails too.

For work group emails, a “like” or a favored button could work as well. Anytime there is an idea or processed described, a “like” button could indicate a favored opinion for an email message.

GG: What is valuable about this idea? Why do you think people would want this?

AMA: A “like” button could be added to any email message by the receiver, the same way a message is marked as urgent by the sender. Sometimes we don’t need a full reply, but just an indication others agree. The “like” button could cut down on the number of email messages because people would not have to reply. Everyone who received the email message could see the number of likes and who liked the message. The record of likes takes up less space and uses fewer email messages for each person in the group.

GG: Who would you like to see adopt this idea? (Companies or groups)

AMA: The easiest way to implement this idea is to do it through enterprise systems, such as Microsoft Exchange/Outlook or in big systems like, Gmail and Yahoo mail. Within these systems, senders could see the “liked” email messages as they are marked, instead of having streams of email messages agreeing.


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It’s MARCH! Top Ten Ideas of the Week!

Hey there innovators! This week was truly awesome with a great deal of upvotes on some of the ideas that we’ve really enjoyed seeing pop up on Betterific. The Top Ten of the week are here! This week the ideas are for the Olympics, Gmail, Subway, Amazon, Southwest Airlines and, one of the most popular categories on Betterific, Tv shows that don’t exist yet. We love the creativity, the inspiration and the value that these ideas bring to the table.

Wouldn't it be better if the olympics also showed normal people performing the winter olympic events to give viewers a deeper appreciation of the athletes?

Wouldn't it be better if mailboxes came installed with sensors that sent a notification to your smartphone when your mail comes.Wouldn't it be better if personal TVs on airplanes had a channel that was a live feed out the front of the plane? "Pilot View"Wouldn't it be better if airbag units could be replaced with a single screwdriver to make it easier to keep airbags operational and to replace them after minor accidents.Wouldn't it be better if you had to post at least one "better if" before you were allowed to down vote or comment? It would dissuade the naysayers from lurking without posting their own ideas.Wouldn't it be better if Amazon showed graphs of how the price of an item fluctuates throughout the year? For example - are colored wigs cheaper or more expensive around Halloween? Are books cheaper when they first come out at 40% off, or are they cheaper two years out?Wouldn't it be better if there was a "like" button for email so I don't have to reply.

Wouldn't it be better if there were a site for college students to anonymously post their financial aid "packages" and basic financial information for concerned prospective students.Wouldn't it be better if Subway introduced a "vegetable of the month" program to add a little (healthy) variety to their standard toppings?

If you’ve got great ideas join us and help make things better! Happy innovating!