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Betterific talks with WizardsXtra on Crowdsourcing for a Better Fan Experience


We’re excited to say that the Wizards Fan Experience Campaign on Betterific is going strong! As of this morning we have 91 ideas submitted! So far this campaign has also had a lot of traffic (over 600 views of our Wizards Campaign page). But we want more ideas! If you haven’t submitted an idea yet do it now! The campaign ends at midnight on Friday, March 28th! If you want a chance to win free tickets to a game and get to talk directly with the marketing team of the Wizards about your ideas then go now and submit your ideas, suggestions, feedback and comments! So far, we’ve really enjoyed seeing the wide variety of ideas that people have had and the comments being left by everyone.

To help raise awareness of the campaign, CEO and co-founder of Betterific, Micha Weinblatt, talked with the folks over at WizardsXtra about the campaign. WizardsXtra is the only Wizards radio show on the Ball Hogs Radio Network. We really enjoyed talking with Adam Bradley, Phil Parker-Walker, and Jammal Matthews and we loved hearing some of their ideas about how they would make the Wizards fan experience better. Listen to the interview here: Wizards Betterific Fan Campaign.

And just to show you what sort of ideas we’re seeing out there at this point, here are just a few of our favorites thus far:

Phillip Gary

Brad Cater

JefferiNick Castillo

Joshua Gilstein

Happy innovating!

Written by Gwen Gurley